About the Decolonisation Group

The Decolonisation Group at Utrecht University is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers from the fields of history, law, economics and political science who want to explore how colonialism and decolonisation shaped and is still shaping global and academic issues.


We discuss a variety of topics around decolonisation with researchers, teachers and students from different academic backgrounds. Through its efforts, the Decolonisation Group aims to bring the discussion around decolonisation to the Netherlands, while also amplifying the voices of researchers of colour.

Decolonisation has become a powerful element in the social transformations that permiate much of the globe today. At the same time decolonisation points towards a distinct historical period that changed global and international relations.


The study of its decolonisation therefore attracts scholars from a wide variety of fields; their contributions could powerfully stimulate mutual insight. This is important in light of  a key contradiction in global academia today, namely the embrace of global perspectives in European and American academia and the increased dissatisfaction in Africa and Asia about the incomplete ‘decolonisation’ of academia and society.

Through a variety of workshops, activities and even a podcast we aim to provide a forum for the intensive interdisciplinary study of decolonisation as a historically situated order by bringing together faculty and graduate students from different departments within Utrecht University and beyond. 

This site will provide a platform for our digital interdisciplinary workshop on neoliberal development and the Global South (1900-2020).

More information about the Decolonisation Group, our other projects, lectures and publications and our core and affiliated members can be found on our website.